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Are you a Manager, C-Level or HR Specialist? Learn how to employ, manage and motivate remote team - grow your business by implementing remote work.


Welcome to the Remote Future Summit! Grab your coffee, sit comfortably and enjoy all the keynotes, panels and interviews we’ve prepared for you.

Day 1 will cover all the challenges that the workforce is facing in 2018. You will have the chance to listen to our Remote Work Advocates talking about the future of workplace when it comes to engagement and culture. Learn how to build, scale and manage distributed teams.

If you will have any questions regarding the platform or access to the content, please send en email at hello@remote-how.com or contact via us our Facebook page.

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  Day 1 of The Remote Future Summit 2018
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GREAT JOB! I have about, 10 pages of notes from yesterday’s content and lots to take action on ☺


Awesome presentations! Extremely helpful and educational. As an HR professional myself, this is very useful in how to slowly integrate remote work in traditional office environment and the stats will help get the buy-in from senior management. Thank you!


People are loving the format and the content! I was expecting to get a big response from my US base but it went to the roof in Brazil too!


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Iwo Szapar
Iwo Szapar

Iwo is a relentless doer – the kind of self-proclaimed workaholic every team needs. Driven by a love for travel and a desire to be as productive as possible, anytime, anywhere, Iwo is passionate about helping companies everywhere successfully implement remote workforces. In his downtime, Iwo is a football and dog lover.